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Willis Tampines 1 Reviews

Currently Work from Home Petsitter!

Singapore Tampines
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Willis is not available to accept bookings Thanks. I am currently out of town but will be checking your messages regularly. Unfortunately, I am only back in late June and will be available to pet sit your doggy/ cat when I am back!

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Currently Work from Home Petsitter!

Hi, I'm Willis. My partner and I are a couple who loves dogs, but can't commit to ownership due to our travel schedule. We joined Furwy because we love having dogs (or cats) in our life!

Currently, I work from home and have a flexible schedule that can include walks, bathroom breaks and play time! I have taken care of other pets here over the holidays and also grew up around dogs and have experience having them around full time. We have had dog-guests for over a month at a time.

Our apartment is suitable for a small/medium dogs. We live on Thomson Road, so relatively close to Novena or Newton. We can accommodate your preferred feeding and exercise schedule, but would prefer dogs without medication. We're willing to keep an open communication and send photo updates throughout the day!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Kevin April 2017

Pet Sitting, Fatso, Dogs

Willis is a great pet sitter. He took care of my dog for me while I was on holiday, and consistently kept me updated with pictures and status. When I returned, my flight was delayed and he waited until almost 12am for me to pick up my pet.

Thanks so much Willis, looking forward to reaching out again during my next vacation. 5 stars for everything!

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Chinese (Cantonese)
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Home during the Day
Basic Food Cooking

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Singapore Tampines
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Outdoor Area
Not Applicable
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Dog (Small, Female)
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