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Melissa Outram 1 Reviews

Home Away From Home! Caring family and dog lovers

Singapore Outram
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Home Away From Home! Caring family and dog lovers

I grew up from Sydney with small dogs for all my life. I specialize in small dogs and can assure you your dog will be in safe hands.

I am a home maker living in Singapore with my husband and children. If your pup is staying for a while I usually bathe them and let them sleep with us at night. We are extremely clean and love giving love, playing with your dog, and giving he/she treats. Your dog will be given undivided attention. During the weekdays I can provide 24/7 care depending on their needs + weekends will only have 1-2 hours of no supervision with free range of the living room while running errands.

I am new to Furwy, however I'm really excited to meet some furry friends! Get in contact with us.
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Queenie -

House Sitting,

Luv Antonetta, did FT while I was traveling. 5 star rating! My fur balls have another home away from home

Melissa replied

Thanks, it's been a pleasure

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Singapore Outram
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