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Kevin Novena 2 Reviews

I love your dog or cat like my own!

Singapore Novena
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I love your dog or cat like my own!

I am a very caring and loving person, which all dogs need. I am native Taiwanese Canadian and a Singaporean PR, and always grew up with dogs.

I love dogs and cats and I'm sure that they love me too.

Taking care of animals is a job I would take without any hesitations because it makes me happy when taking care of a happy pup or kitten. Along with my love for dogs and cats, I am very respectful and responsible and punctual. Choosing me to take care of your dog is a major responsibility that I do not take lightly.

I have two small pet dogs now, a mini-maltese and mini-pomeranian, both well trained and behaved. If you have any questions, send me a message and let's try to set something up!
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Edwin May 2017

Pet Boarding, Mickey, Dogs

Thanks very much Kevin. 5 star rating all round.

I chose Kevin to helped me care for Mickey while I was away on business. He has two small dogs, so he was experienced already (tick). At first his maltese was a little scared of mickey, but soon they started playing around (tick two).

Kevin was not home all the time (which wasn't my preference), but he ensured he made mid-day visits and took pictures. He walked Mickey with his dogs, and made sure he told me when they were fed.

I'll book again during my next trip. Thanks!
Edwin May 2017

Pet Boarding, Fatso, Dogs

Same great service. Funny, Mickey runs off and forgot about me this time when I dropped him off.

He really looks forward to playing with Fatso and Cody.

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Singapore Novena
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