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Janice Outram 1 Reviews

Always smiling and loving petcare sitter. $40 a night, WOW Cheap!!

Singapore Outram
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Always smiling and loving petcare sitter. $40 a night, WOW Cheap!!

Wow wow wow, so cheap! Only $40 and you have me take care of your pet liao. Where to find leh? Very cheap and quality for Singapore, everything so expensive. Do not put in dog hotel, they all put in cage there lah, your dog will be sad and never happy. Will be hungry and maybe tick and fleas you know?

But I will help you take care, and walk and hug when you cannot. I live Holland Village, so you can drop off. My backyard is safe for running and playing.

Anytime you want, can Skype or FaceTime with your pet, no problem. My name is Janice and I want to see your pet and play so you feel safe and good before choosing me. If you need longer time, I can give discount too. No problem =)
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Charles -

House Sitting,

Aylin was great! super flexible and took great care of my pup, definitely would recommend!

Janice replied

Ole, thank you for the honset feedback. Looking forward to your next booking.

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