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Edwin Novena 2 Reviews

Your local friendly dog sitter :)

Singapore Novena
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Your local friendly dog sitter :)

**For stays at my home, I can offer pick up and drop off of your pet dog or cat for only the taxi fare, no additional cost :)

If there is one thing you must know about me, it is that I am amazing with all animals, dogs absolutely adore me! I grew up in Chicago, and always had dogs growing up. I also cared for dogs back home for another similar site called Rover.com.

I've had experience watching all types of dogs, big small, you name it. There is no dog I cannot handle All dogs have there quirks, all which are manageable as long as you are aware of them and have a little bit of extra patience.

Living about 5 minutes walk from a park has made it hard to not love going on walks. There's nothing better than going on a nice walk after a long day, actually!

I am personally a very fit person and love having the company of a dog on my walks/runs. I'm not the type of person to simply take a dog for a walk up and down the block, this simply isn't fair to the dog. Depending on where I am located, I'd want to take the dog by the park and bring a few toys along to make it's walk special, since most dogs don't get to go on more than one walk a day, besides potty breaks. Dont be afraid to bring me their favorite toy and treats, this way they dont get homesick. I actually recommend it.

I am currently working part time but my schedule is very flexible. There may be certain days that I would have to go into the office, but rest assured my full attention and love will be given once at home. My place is large enough and secure, so it would not be dangerous for your pet dogs. Vacations come up, emergencies occur and life just happens, this is understandable. It is my mission to make all my clients rest assured knowing their dog is in safe hands while they are away. I will make it my duty to make sure all your dogs needs are met.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, I cannot wait to get started doing something I truly love :)
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Kevin May 2017

Pet Boarding, Mickey, Dogs

Kevin May 2017

Pet Boarding, Fatso, Dogs

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