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#1. How much does it cost to be a Furwy pet sitter, walker or groomer?

Being a pet sitter, walker or groomer and offering your services on Furwy is completely free. Only when you complete a booking, Furwy deducts a 20% contribution to cover for premium insurance, marketing, online payments and customer support on your behalf.
What’s more, the more bookings you complete, the more likely you will qualify for periodic incentives, including higher search rankings. Your contribution rate also declines to as low as a flat 15% after meeting certain booking numbers, currently set at 50 bookings or more every quarter.

#2. Can I choose the pet that I care for?

Yes, it is entirely up to your discretion. You are free to decide which pet you want to take care of. Your calendar also allows you to show your availability.

#3. What do I do in emergencies?

Just like caring for a child, it’s a big responsibility.
You should immediately contact us and the owner of the pet that you are caring for and explain the situation.
Afterwards bring the pet to your closest veterinarian and someone from our team will meet you there.  If the booking qualified for premium insurance coverage, you may submit a claim with Furwy for reimbursement up to the coverage amount.  Insurance deductibles or if the booking did not qualify for insurance coverage, will need to be claimed directly with the pet owner.

#4. How do I accept, cancel or refuse a booking?

When a Direct Booking or “Meet & Greet” request is made with you by a pet owner, you will receive Email and SMS notifications – therefore it is important to keep your contact details up to date!
A Booking request must be accepted by you within 48 hours from when the booking was made, otherwise it will expire automatically.  You can Refuse the booking by actively “Declining” the request on your dashboard and the pet owner will receive the notification.
Cancellations by pet sitters after accepting a booking are very frustrating for pet owners. On any marketplace platform like Furwy, everything is built on trust and we take this very seriously.
Therefore, we reserve the right to remove pet sitters who are not reliable. If more than three (3) Bookings or Meet & Greet requests are ignored, cancelled or declined with in any three (3) month period, the pet sitter’s account will be suspended.  If, as a pet sitter, you truly cannot satisfy your booking, you must make it known well in advance. For every cancellation on accepted bookings.
Our emphasis on reliability and trust creates a community where all pet owners and pet sitters feel totally confident in engaging each other and making bookings.

#5. Can I offer other services to pets?

Furwy already offers sets standard services like pet boarding, dog walking and pet grooming.  However, every pet sitter can set unique services under the “My Services” section and clicking on “Add Services” at the very bottom.
If you are having any trouble and need any help, please feel free to contact us.

#6. How can I pet sit even more?

We will verify every pet sitter that registers on Furwy. Even before you are verified, can you start promoting your services to build your pet care business.
You can gain pet owner confidence and increase your number of bookings by making a complete and personable profile on Furwy.
Here are some recommendations:
– Give a full description of yourself and your environment
– Upload high-quality photos, especially ones of you caring for pets
– Respond as quickly as possible to booking requests
– Do a great job and get positive ratings from pet owners
– Promote your profile on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

#7. What happens if a pet sitter cancels a booking?

At the time of registration as a service provider, you would have selected a cancellation policy (flexible/medium/strict).
If the booking is cancelled by the pet owner, the cancellation policy selected by you will apply. This could result in a full/partial or no payment depending on the cancellation policy you selected.

#8. How do I cancel my Furwy account?

If you decide to cancel your Furwy account please send us your request at [email protected] or at Contact Us.  We will inform you once your request has been processed.

#9. I don't have a PayPal account. What should I do?

Unless you are offering services in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan or South Korea, you will be required to have a PayPal account to get paid for your services on Furwy.
PayPal accounts are free, and you don’t need to have a credit card to open one. Visit to open an account now.

#10. Can I accept money directly from pet owners?

In order for you and pet owners to benefits from Furwy reward points, incentives, premium insurance and discounts, all bookings and payments must be made through Furwy.
By using the site you agree that all transactions with any pet owner will be booked through Furwy. Failure to go through Furwy may result in immediate cancellation of your services.
You can also read more in our Terms of Service (Section 8).

#11. How does the payment process work?

The payment process on Furwy is automated, so neither the pet sitter nor the pet owner need to worry about the money.
When making a booking request, the pet owner enters his or her payment information. Once you as the pet sitter or groomer has confirmed the booking, the pet owner’s credit card or PayPal will charged only when you accept their booking request online.
Once the booking is completed, Furwy will transfer the amount less Furwy’s  fee (20% or less) to your Furwy account. The balance can be viewed on your dashboard. Once you have accumulated enough, you can request a withdrawal, which is processed within five business days (note that a minimum balance amount is required for withdrawals without a service fee.)

#12. When do I get paid?

We do not directly deposit your earnings after each booking into your bank or PayPal account.
Instead you will build up a balance in your Furwy account for each of your completed bookings.  Once you submit a request to withdraw the balance, the amount will be transferred into your designated bank or PayPal account with five business days.

#13. Do I need to pay any other fees to receive my funds?

Aside from the contribution fees to Furwy, there are no other hidden fees. Subject to the withdrawal meeting the minimum amount, we cover all transfer charges to your bank* or PayPal account.
(*Note that unless you are based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan or South Korea, your fund transfer can only be done so through PayPal, subject to PayPal fees and charges)

#14. What do I need to do to benefit from Premium Pet Insurance?

Premium insurance is only available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.
There are no upfront or ongoing costs for insurance coverage. This is covered in the portion of the contribution fee paid to Furwy. However, in order to qualify for automatic coverage, you need to ensure that your account is verified by us.  This means that we may contact you to verify your personal information, including identification, contact details and may even visit your registered location for pet care.  Once you are verified, you need to ensure that the pet you are caring for also has a registered RFID chip submitted to Furwy by the pet owner.
(Please note that pets with pre-existing conditions, injuries or are elderly (12 years of age or above) do not qualify for premium insurance).
We do this to ensure there is trust and safety for both you as the care provider and the pet owner.
Please check our premium insurance page for more details

#15. More questions?

If you have more queries that are not covered in this FAQ section, please send us your questions at [email protected] or at Contact Us.