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We all love our furwy(s) – they deserve the best care and love that is out there! That’s where our platform comes into play: we allow for the most reliable caregivers to come together and list their services as an alternative – and more loving! – option to kennels or pounds.

So, whether you need to travel, work late or spend a night on the town, Furwy is here to help connect you with other pet lovers, at any price point, while you carry on with your business with a peace of mind.

Our team all works from home and at cafes whenever we can (with our little furwy(s), of course!).  We launched in September 2017 (private Beta) from Singapore and officially launched in March 2018 with the hope to create a loving global community for all the furwy(s) in our lives. Today, our platform is also available in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

What We Believe In

Pet Safety: Safety, safety, safety is so paramount to us. We make an effort in screening pet sitters and groomers, provide pet insurance, more education and (soon, still working on it) access to benefits with our corporate partners. Our belief is that your pet should receive the safe and proper care and the love it deserves while you are not at home.

Our Care Providers: Most pet sitters and groomers are pet lovers like you and me. We prefer those who have pets, or have the pet care experience. We want to empower them to start their own small businesses using Furwy’s platform and give them the tools, support and education to succeed. Their success is all of ours.

Our Mission: Our mission is simple – to encourage more responsible pet ownership across Asia. We truly believe that furwies bring us a ton of joy. Whether it be our dogs waiting for us at our front door with wagging tails or our mischievous cats just sitting there gazing, they are a part of our happy families.

But here lies the problem, if pets can bring us so much happiness, why is it that across Asia, we have the lowest percentage of pet ownership?  On average, only 3 in every 10 households own a pet across countries like Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. Worse yet, with a population of 5.5 million in Singapore, only 113,500* pet dogs and cats are cared for at home (*registered with the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority).

We feel that this is a result of low awareness and commitment to own pets. With our daily lives getting busier by the day, be it for work, travel, vacation or other reasons, there is a hesitation to bring pets into our lives. The fear is around the logistics.

We want to help solve this problem.

Together with your help, we hope to build our community to make it possible and easier for people to bring furwies into their lives. If we are successful, our mission will be to increase awareness and increase pet ownership by making it easier for responsible people to have dogs and cats in their homes.

Our Service: Simple…everything about trust and care for you and your furwy pets.

Meet the Founders' (pets)


Maltese: Gentle, fearless and greets everyone as a friend.
A corporate alpha, serious dog lover and an entrepreneurial pup at heart, Fatso (‘s owner) is the co-founder and CEO at Furwy. He drives the company’s strategic vision and growth as it continues to find new and improved ways to build a trusted pet care community. He is also responsible for all partnership and alliance opportunities with other pet care, pet transportation and pet product brands.


Pomeranian: Curious, mischievous and interested in everything around them.
Another dog lover and a true digital nerd, Cody (‘s owner) is the co-founder and C.Digital.O at Furwy. He has managed digital strategies for the likes of McDonald’s and Starwood Hotels & Resorts and is involved in crafting the company culture, shaping the digital aesthetic, and innovating future growth opportunities.


Key Advisor
French Bulldog: Mischievous and clownish, but adaptable and smart.
Family’s important. Yes, Bohdie and Fatso are brothers. Having exited prior startups and ranked Bloomberg Businessweek Asia’s Top 10 Best Young Entrepreneurs, Bohdie (‘s owner) loved the idea of Furwy. He runs his own latest startup, but is involved in advising on aspects of growth strategy, operations and partnership opportunities at Furwy.