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What is house sitting?

House sitting is to have a pet sitter stay at your home and care for your pet(s) while you’re away. The pet sitter may also help with daily tasks, such as picking up the newspaper, or getting groceries, depending on your arrangement.

Why house sitting?

In life, there are bound to be emergency situations. It may be a trip to the hospital or an urgent matter that requires your attention. Sometimes you’ll head overseas for business or leisure. In these situations, bringing your pet along may be an inconvenience.

Here’s where Furwy comes in. You don’t have to search frantically for a friend or family member to look after your pet, nor worry if they are experienced enough to handle. In just a few clicks, you can find an experienced and reliable house sitter to look after your pet.

Having a familiar environment will also reduce your pet’s distress of being away from you. The house sitter will shower your pet with loving care, and ensure that his / her needs are taken care of.

How to find the perfect house sitter

Communication is Key

Different house sitters have different arrangements, and it’s important to find one who can suit your needs.
It’s best to keep in touch with the house sitter, and communicate clearly your expected arrangement. For example, it’s good to let the house sitter know:

The number of pets in your house
Any special needs that should be taken into consideration
Tasks that you’d like the house sitter to handle while you’re away

This prevents any misunderstandings while you’re away, and ensures that the house sitter and your expectations are aligned.

Plan Ahead

Before leaving your pet and house in the hands of the house sitter, it’s good to ensure that everything is in order.
Leave an emergency contact number and your pet’s veterinarian should there be a need for the house sitter to contact someone. If your pet has specific preferences for food and toys, get them in advance, and stock up before leaving. Make sure that the house sitter is familiar with your house, so they know where everything is.

Test Them Out

Not sure about the house sitter? Arrange to meet with him / her, either over a meal, or at a place convenient for both of you to chat. This allows you to get a feel of whether he / she is the right house sitter for you.
Alternatively, you can invite the house sitter to care for your pet and house for a night, to see if he / she is able to handle. Once you’re comfortable with the house sitter, you can then entrust your pet and house to him / her for longer periods of time.

Why hire a house sitter through Furwy?

  • Trusted and experienced house sitters
  • A warm and friendly home environment to reduce your pet’s stress of being away from you
  • Dedicated attention to your pet
  • Premium insurance for your pet
  • Earn Furwy points each time to redeem free walks and more

Our Guarantee:

At Furwy, we’re here to ensure that your cat is left in the hands of trusted and experienced cat sitters. Your cat will not only be cared for, but also protected through our premium pet insurance. This way, in the event under any unforeseen circumstances, your cat will be covered.

Find your house sitter

Search for house sitting under ‘service’ and browse the profiles of available house sitters

Get connected to your house sitter

Send a message to your preferred house sitter, and arrange a meet up

Confirm your house sitting booking

Confirm the booking, make payment and your sitter will arrange with you to pick up your pet! You’re good to go!