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What is a dog daycare exactly?

Dog daycare (or doggy daycare services) is when you leave your dog in the hands and home of a caring dog sitter while you’re away. The duration is usually for less than a day.

Why use a dog daycare service?

There are times where you have to be away for a day or less, and not everyone around you has experience dealing with pets. Instead of worrying about whether your dog is properly cared for, why not leave them in the hands of skillful dog daycare sitters who have pets of their own and are experienced with taking care of pets?

  1. You can rest assured that the dog sitter is experienced and verified.
  2. Your dog will have company to pass the time, either with the dog sitter or with other dogs.
  3. Your dog will be covered by premium insurance if you’ve made a qualified booking.

Ensure your dog daycare services goes well

Communicate with Your Dog Sitter

Does your dog have any specific preferences that the dog daycare sitter needs to know about? Does it have a special toy or blanket that needs to be brought along? Make sure these are all communicated before the sitter arrives to pick up your dog.

Share Information About Your Dog

Ensure that the sitter you book has agreed with you on what he/she should do and avoid doing with your dog. If your dog likes regular walking, this should be made known early to avoid any complications during the booking.

Plan Activities and Set Rules

If you’d like updates on how your dog is doing, request updates from the sitter. They’ll be able to send you photos of your dog enjoying its time at the dog daycare via the Furwy platform and you’ll feel relieved that your pet is well taken care of
Ready to begin your dog daycare experience?

Here’s what you can expect when you hire dog daycare services from Furwy:

– A warm and friendly environment in the dog daycare
– Reduce your dog’s stress of being away from you
– Dedicated attention to your dog during the day
– Companionship for your dog the whole day
– Earn Furwy points each time to redeem free walks and more

Our Guarantee:

At Furwy, we’re here to ensure that your dog(s) is/are left in the hands of trusted and experienced dog daycare sitters. Your dog will not only be cared for like family, but using us also includes an extra layer of protection with our premium pet insurance. This ensures your dog is covered, no matter what the situation.

1. Search for a dog daycare

Browse different dog daycare sitter profiles till you find one that matches your requirements.

2. Connect to Dog Daycare

Send a message to the dog sitter you choose, and arrange to meet them in person.

3. Confirm Dog Daycare Booking

Confirm the doggy daycare booking, and you’re all set!