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What is dog boarding?

Dog boarding is to let your dog stay with a host family while you’re away. The host family will look after your dog, and care for his / her well-being, giving them attention and care just like how you would.

Why dog boarding?

A holiday, a business trip, a day off to handle issues, even a visit to the hospital – These are but some of the situations that may call you away for a period of time. In the event of an emergency, it’s inconvenient to take your dog with you, yet it’s also tough finding a friend or family member who can look after your dog with such a short notice.

With Furwy, you no longer have to gather the courage to ask your neighbour for help, nor worry if your dog is in good hands. In just a few clicks, you can find a family who will host your dog while you’re away. You have the flexibility of finding the best host family that will suit your dog.

Having your dog stay at a home will reduce his / her distress of being away from you, making it easier for him / her to adapt. Best of all, your dog will be fed, taken for walks, and cared for, just like how you would do for him / her. He / she may even make a new furry friend! If your dog has special needs that should be taken into consideration, the host family will ensure that it is taken into account.

Tips to Make Your Dog Boarding Experience Stress Free

Test in Advance

Not sure if your dog will be in good hands with the host family? Do a test run ahead of your trip.
You can leave your dog with the host family for a day or weekend, to see if he / she is comfortable staying there. If the host family has dogs, it’d be good for your dog to be acquainted with them, and see if they are able to get along.
A trial run also helps you determine if the host family is a good fit for you and your dog, and ease your dog’s distress of being away from you.

Pack Appropriately

To help your dog feel more comfortable in a different environment, you can prepare some of his / her favorite things, and bring them to the host family. Pack his / her toys and bed, but be careful not to bring too many unnecessary items.
If your dog has a specific preference for food and treats, bring it along, as the host family may not have it in their home. Ensure that you have packed enough for the entire period you’ll be away, and inform the host family the amount of food your dog should get for each meal.

Don't Worry!

It can be stressful when you’re away your dog, especially if it’s your first time leaving him / her with a host family.
But don’t worry too much! Your dog will be showered with tender loving care, and he / she’s going to have a great time.
To prevent yourself from worrying unnecessarily, leave your contact information for the host family to contact you in case of an emergency. You can also check in with them from time to time, to see how your dog is doing.

Why use Furwy’s pet boarding service:

  • Trusted and experienced host families
  • A warm and friendly home environment to reduce your pet’s stress of being away from you
  • Dedicated attention to your pet
  • Premium insurance for your pet
  • Earn Furwy points each time to redeem free walks and more

Our Guarantee:

At Furwy, we’re here to ensure that your pet is left in the hands of trusted and experienced host families. Your pet will not only be cared for, but also protected through our premium pet insurance. This way, in the event under any unforeseen circumstances, your pet will be covered.

Find your host family

Search for dog boarding under ‘service’ and browse the profiles of available host families

Get connected to your host family

Send a message to your preferred host family, and arrange a meet up

Confirm your dog boarding booking

Confirm the booking, make payment and your host family will arrange with you to pick up your dog! You’re good to go!