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What is cat sitting?

Cat sitting is to have a trusted cat sitter care for your cat while you are away, either at his / her home or yours.

Why consider cat sitting?

There are times where you’ll need to be away, whether it’s on a holiday or a business trip that you can’t avoid. Sometimes, it may even be an emergency, such as a visit to the hospital, or a quick trip to settle some matters. As much as you want to, it’s hard to bring your cat along with you, and may even be inconvenient.

Instead of scrambling to find a friend or family member who can take care of your cat, you can get a reliable cat sitter to look after your cat in just a few clicks. You’ll no longer have to ask your neighbour for help, nor worry if your cat is in good hands.

Cats are adorable and sensitive pets. If your cat has special needs that should be taken into consideration, having a cat sitter will ensure that it is taken into account.

How do you find a good cat sitter?

An Experienced Cat Sitter

Although cats are considered ‘low-maintenance’ versus dogs, your cat might have its own special needs and preferences. That’s why having someone that has either owned a cat or is patient enough to take care of one is crucial to ensuring your cat’s well-being. Here at Furwy, we have numerous cat sitters that fit that criteria.

A Cat Sitter Near You

Having your cat hours of travel away from you can be nerve-wrecking. Imagine if you could have your cat sitting experience located just a stone’s throw away from where you live. You can pay regular visits as-and-when to check-in on your cat as well as conveniently pick them up when it’s all over. Furwy’s algorithmic engine helps to match you to cat sitters that are closest to you.

A Cat Sitter You Trust

Imagine leaving your cat with a complete stranger. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? With a rise in animal abuse complaints, you want to make sure you leave your furry friend with a trusted cat sitter with no surprises. Lucky for you, Furwy vets and issues ‘verified’ badges to sitters that have had their backgrounds checked so you can make an informed and safe choice for your cat.
Now you're all set to find a cat sitting provider!

Here’s what you can expect when you hire a cat sitter through Furwy:

  • Trusted and experienced cat sitters
  • A warm and friendly home environment to reduce your cat’s stress of being away from you
  • Dedicated attention to your catPremium insurance for your cat
  • Premium insurance for your cat
  • Earn Furwy points each time to redeem free walks and more

Our Guarantee:

At Furwy, we’re here to ensure that your cat is left in the hands of trusted and experienced cat sitters. Your cat will not only be cared for, but also protected through our premium pet insurance. This way, in the event under any unforeseen circumstances, your cat will be covered.

Find your cat sitter

Search for cat sitting under ‘service’ and browse the profiles of available cat sitters

Get connected to your sitter

Send a message to your preferred cat sitter, and arrange a meet up

Confirm your cat sitting booking

Confirm the booking, make payment and your sitter will arrange with you to pick up your cat! You’re good to go!