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So why does he tilt his head at me?

Dog Behaviours

It’s cute, we completely agree.  But have you ever wondered why the little furwies also tilt their head when you say something every once in a while?

Here’s the real answer why they do that adorable look.

#1. They want to hear clearly what you said.

Did you just say snack? or treat? or time for a walk? That’s right, one of the main reasons why is because they want to hear you better.

Did she really just say snack?

Just like when you’re in a loud club and someone tries to say something to you, you turn one of your ears closure to her to listen more closely. That’s exactly what your dog is doing as well. Dogs have internal ear flaps that move, so when they tilt their head, it makes it easier for them to hear more clearly to the sound or “word” you are saying.

#2. Oh my, what big eyes you have.

A second reason why our furwies tilt their heads is so they can look at you better. Think about it this way, put a cup in front of your nose and you’ll realize that your ability to look ahead gets difficult. That’s right, our dogs have a muzzle that’s not the same flat face that we have. So in fact, they sometimes tilt their heads so they can look at you from an angle and realize just how beautiful you are.

#3. Give me what I want.

That’s right, a third reason why they tilt their heads is because they want something. This could be exactly that snack, or walk he gets every time he tilted his head before. You spoiled him, so now it’s coming back every time.

#4. I’m sorry.

It’s a sign of empathy. Dogs like most animals seem to have a sixth sense. When something isn’t exactly going right, or the mood in the air suddenly changes, they can feel it too. But this feeling they have may be confusing, and while they’re assessing what it is, they are also watching what you’re doing—and then once they figure it out, they will jump on your lap and give you kisses and snuggles.