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Great pet owners love to pamper their dogs. We give them treats, take them out for walks at dog runs, or even attend SkillsFuture pet courses to upgrade ourselves to take better care of them.

What if we want to take it to another level? We, humans, have really cool custom birthday cakes, so why shouldn’t our precious dogs have their own custom cakes too? Imagine if they could have their own pastries too! Sometimes, leaving your dog with a dog sitter for a prolonged period can leave it missing you and a great way to rekindle that spark is to treat your dog to a culinary baked experience.

In this article, we share with you 12 bakeries based right here in Singapore where you can get a custom-cake or some miscellaneous baked treats made of 100% natural ingredients for your dog.


Yum yum bean dog bakery in Singapore cake figurine example

1.Yum Yum Bean

Originally from Hong Kong, Yum Yum Bean has since been offering services in Singapore to bake custom cakes with adorable figurines that are to die for. They also offer mooncakes as a product that you can purchase that are safe to eat for dogs too.

barking good dog bakery in singapore sushi cake

2. Barking Good

If you’re looking for fresh treats from really nice people, check out the Barking Good. They even customize the cake according to suggestions or flavour preferences you might have!

Looking for a custom sushi cake for your dog? Done.

They also have really simple treats in the shape of bones that are a hit with numerous pet owners and their dogs.

More importantly, the ingredients they use are as safe as can be. Since June 2017, they’ve been officially licensed by the AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) to sell and serve food to your pets.

If you’re keen to check out their retail outlet, head to:

Blk 128 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-1849

the barkery dog bakery in singaore with cute cake designs

3. The Barkery

One of the better-known bakeries in Singapore, the Barkery even has its own packaging! The Barkery is one of the only AVA-licensed dog bakeries that is legally allowed to sell consumable food and treats to dogs.

Their products are preserved with moisture absorbers and a probiotic spray to last for up to 6 months!

Some of their products double as chews for the dogs and they even have more interesting flavours like ‘Bark Kwa’ and Pumpkin Delight.

pawlicious bakery for dogs in singapore with customized cakes

4. Pawlicious Pet Bakery

Pawlicious Pet Bakery offers either sponge or meatloaf cakes that are 100% human grade and safe for dogs to eat. Quoting their website:

“Sponge cake is made of ORGANIC whole wheat flour, yogurt and honey. Meatloaf is flourless, made of meat of your choice and veggies such as carrot, celery and french beans.”

They make their cakes fresh so they’ll need to make your orders at least five days in advance. Another great thing is that they have ‘cake packages’ so if you’re ordering for the first time, you won’t need to stumble too much. You can pick from lettered or numbered cakes and even customized cupcakes (to look like your favorite dog!)

Thought they refer to themselves as a bakery, they also offer cooked dishes like beef stew and rice dishes too.

bossipaws dog bakery in singapore with custom cakes for dogs

5. BossiPaws

BossiPaws is a bakery extension of one of the most famous dog-friendly cafes in Singapore: Ah B Cafe. They put together really beautiful birthday cakes and some that even humans can chomp on like durian!

us dog bakery store front in singapore nex mall

6. US Dog Bakery

Based in NEX Mall at Serangoon with other outlets in Simei and Harbourfront Mall, the US Dog Bakery is one of the longest standing dog bakeries in Singapore having been open for close to ten years.

The US Dog Bakery boasts over 200 different menu items from baked pastries to cookies, cakes, and meals! It’s also the first dog bakery in Singapore to be licensed by AVA. All their ingredients are certified as doggie diet-friendly. Their website also states that they subject all their ingredients to testing through a panel of vets and dog nutritionists before ever releasing products to the public.

cobam cake dog bakery in singapore custom figurine dog cakes

7. Cobam Cakes

If you’re looking for a more aesthetic and carefully crafted cake for your special furry friend, consider getting one from Cobam Cakes. Using icing that is safe for dogs, they can build almost anything you can imagine!

They use non-GMO all natural ingredients in their cakes. Even dogs with gluten or egg allergies can enjoy the cakes with their gluten/egg free options. It’s as custom as it can get.

You can either pick a design from their illustrious gallery of past cakes otherwise you can just send them a reference photo with something you’re interested in them baking.

feed my paws custom dog bakery in singapore

8. Feed My Paws

Feed My Paws is run by Crystle, a professional dog sitter that owns three dogs of her own. Feed My Paws is a well-known name in the dog community and has been featured on Kiss92FM.

Freshly made and organic, Feed My Paws serves a variety of pastries from mini-donuts all the way to organic cookies, meat and fish jerky and even their own recipe books.

the snoring dog gourmet dog bakery in singapore

9. The Snoring Dog

Their baked treats come vacuum-sealed in Foodsaver bags. In this case, the packaging isn’t the most impressive, but food safety-wise, it’s completely excellent.

Even more impressive are the ingredients selected for their treats. The chickens used in the treats are hormone-free and only restaurant-grade meat from Australian or New Zealand farms are used. Ground rye flour or red rice flour is used rather than wheat or corn for a healthier snack.

the woof dog bakery in singapore with cakes like super mario

10. The Woof Barkery

One of the considerably newer dog bakeries that only opened in 2017, the Woof Barkery is well known for its cute designs with their cakes. They use tiny figurines made out of edible icing to create the cutest and most elaborate designs. From small little figures of your dogs sitting on the cake to one with Super Mario’s face on it.

The wholesome paws cupcakes and dog bakery in singapore

11. Wholesome Paws

These guys don’t just bake, they also have a myriad of other products from jerky treats to the beef spleen. They can create custom cakes on demand with natural ingredients like duck, salmon chicken, potatoes and more. If you’re looking for dog-friendly cupcakes and meat-pies, these guys do it too!

paw lickin good custom dog bakery in Singapore

12. Paw Lickin Good

One of the newer bakeries started in 2015, the Paw Lickin Good dog bakery is based completely online. Basically, you’d order via their shop and they’d deliver the baked goods directly to your doorstep!

They’ve got a really interesting range of products from these guys with red velvet desserts to other interesting munchies like banana cookies and carrot apple crunch. They pride themselves in producing healthy snacks to ensure your dogs have a well-balanced diet.


There you have it. 12 dog bakeries that will leave you spoilt for choice when looking for a bakery to treat your dog to a memorable culinary experience! Don’t forget to snap some photographs to celebrate your dog’s best moments!