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Are you a Singaporean above the age of 25 looking to learn more about how to better take care of your/other people’s pets? Along with the Singapore government’s nation-wide ‘skill-up’ movement, they’ve provided a S$500 SkillFuture credit balance for any Singaporean aged 25 and above to spend on upgrading and life-long learning. After spending, these credits can be claimed back for approved training course fees.

If you’re looking to upgrade your skills in pet care to become a better pet owner, why not consider these SkillsFuture training courses that you can attend for FREE if you claim back the credits?

1. Pet Care and Management

This course at Temasek Polytechnic on first glance, looks to cater to people working in the pet retail industry or who are interested in joining it. You’ll get to learn about various types of pets all the way from domestic mammals like dogs and cats to birds as well.

You’ll learn about how to care for different animals, manage a pet retail shop for hygiene and welfare of the animals as well as how to conduct physical health checks.

It’s great for those seeking to eventually join the pet industry or for owners that want to level-up their chops in taking care of their own animals.

2. Dog Grooming

Ever wondered how professional groomers turn your dog’s shaggy, unruly fur into smooth, soft locks of hair? Enter, the basics of dog grooming. In this 1-day course, you’ll get to learn about the science of effective grooming and how to provide services for companion animals in a comfortable environment so that they feel clean and look amazing. It also covers the basics of canine first aid so that in the event you face any mishaps while grooming, you can quickly take corrective action!

3. Canine First Aid

So you’ve probably taken a course on CPR for humans some time back in school, but how much of an expert are you when it comes to dealing with animals? In this Canine First Responder course, you’ll be equipped as a pet care professional to deal with emergency situations where animals are under duress or dire health circumstances. You’ll learn to help treat choking, bleeding, shock, head injuries and more as a basic pet health care measure before a more advanced personnel arrives.

This can be very valuable knowledge when faced with an emergency scenario for your own pets choking on food or having a dire injury.

4. Reliability Dog Training

Do your dogs respond to your every command with obedience reliably? If not, this might be a course you’d want to consider. Over the course of 2-days the Reliability and Games Course teaches you to use games to train the reliability of your dogs to listen and motivate them to follow instruction. The best thing about this course is that it’s available digitally on Udemy so you can learn in your own time over about 11.40 hours of course material.

5. Preventing Dog Aggression

If you own a dog breed that has the tendency to become more aggressive when not trained properly (e.g. ChowChow), you might be interested in this course on how to prevent biting and fighting for aggressive dogs. The course teaches you how to recognize signs of aggression in adolescent dogs to prevent and treat dogs with instinctual biting relfexes using Differential Classical Conditioning (DCC) .

If you’re looking to become a dog handler/trainer or simply want to start to take control of your own dog, this digital course on Udemy will be very helpful in teaching you to take systematic steps to deal with this.

6. Dog Behaviour Training

Want to condition your dog to listen to instructions so that you can leave it off-leash on walks without worrying too much? This course is great because it teaches you to use non-aversive forms of punishment to slowly transition your dog into not requiring collars or halters to maintain control.

Many dog owners typically still seek out instruments like choke collars and physical punishment to get control over their dogs, but these only seek to sow negative sentiment and fear with your pets.

This digital course on Udemy will help you get a better handle of how to condition your dog into listening and playing nice with others around it, with or without a leash.

7.Pet Industry Operations and Regulations

This course held at Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s CET academy (continuing education) enables learners with an intimate understanding of pet related industries that range from pet shops, vetenarian practices all the way to pet boarding, puppy mills, shelters and retail. You’ll be drilled on the legal licensing practices in these pet-related industries, any legal legislation with regards to pet ownership and abuse.

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own pet business in the industry, consider giving this course a go! It’s only about $580.


Ready to start spending your SkillsFuture Singapore credits on these exciting pet courses? Head over to the SkillsFuture website for each of these pages via the links to check them out and start upgrading your skills as an owner to take care of your pets and other pets as well!