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We know. Dogs are sometimes irresistibly adorable at the same time that they’re hungry and looking to get some scraps from the table of their human counterparts.

It’s okay to drop your furry friend a bone every once in awhile, but did you know that some of your human foods are toxic to dogs and could potentially cripple or kill them?

If you love your dog and you want to continue to have some sneaky feeding sessions in between dinner without fearing that you’re poisoning it, here are 10 toxic foods you should passionately avoid feeding your dog ever. Be sure to let your dog sitter know as well!

chocolate that are toxic to dogs


Have a sweet tooth? You might be into Chocolate. Question is, when your dog is there looking at you with those big ol’ eyes, can you afford to offer some to it? Answer is: By no circumstance, absolutely NOT.

What’s in Chocolate that’s bad for dogs?

Chocolate typically contains caffeine and a chemical, theobromine that is very harmful to dogs of all breeds. A rule of thumb is to note that: the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is to dogs. And no, it’s not something your dog can ‘walk away’ as you run those extra rounds to burn off the extra calories.

What does Chocolate do to your dog?

It’ll wreak havoc on your poor pet’s digestive system because their systems aren’t made to digest chocolate. In small doses, chocolate can cause diarrhea and excessive vomiting. In more severe cases, you can expect chocolate to invoke more dire consequences such as: hyperactivity, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest and even the death of your precious furry friend.

So by all means, please avoid this sweet, but deadly snack. If you’re leaving your pet at a dog daycare, just be sure that kids aren’t leaving chocolate lying around.

macadamia nuts coated in chocolate toxic to dogs

2.Macadamia Nuts

We generally know macadamia nuts to be high in protein and all around a delicious and healthy snack for humans. To dogs however, this small little munchy is to be avoided at all costs.

What’s in Macadamia Nuts that’s bad for dogs?

Macadamia nuts contain a toxin that can cause a toxic reaction to dogs. Till date however, this specific chemical has yet to be identified. Nonetheless, you’d do well to steer clear of this for your pet.

What do Macadamia nuts do to your dog?

Dogs will tend to develop crippling weakness where they find difficulty in locomotory functions like walking. They might also have more overt symptoms like vomiting, depression, staggering gait, hypothermia and tremors. Feeding your dog macadamia coupled with chocolates (as they are sometimes sold coated with chocolate) will almost definitely exacerbate symptoms and possibly cause death.

milk that is toxic to dogs


Got milk? I know what you must be thinking, is milk – a dairy product that we feed human babies and generally mammals really dangerous to dogs? Remember how you sometimes get that woozy feeling after drinking too much milk, too quickly? That’s known as lactose intolerance and dogs are extremely lactose intolerant.

What’s in Milk that’s bad for dogs?

Milk contains milk sugars that the digestive system of dogs don’t have the enzymes to adequately break down. As a result it’ll cause them extreme discomfort versus a human being.

What does Milk do to your dog?

Milk and or milk-based products can cause discomfort in the digestive system such as diarrhea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal problems. While it does not immediately cause death, it can contribute to a weakened immune system and serious bacterial exposure that can eventually lead to disease. Indirectly, milk can cause long-term discomfort and make your dog less healthy and resilient to ailments.

grapes toxic to dogs

4.Grapes and Raisins

We like our wine and we love our grapes. Unfortunately, grapes and raising sit in a similar category to that of macadamia nuts where the foods contain substances that a dog’s digestive system can’t deal with.

What’s in Grapes that’s bad for dogs?

It’s currently still unknown what chemicals, compounds or substances exist in grapes that make it toxic to dogs in general. However, we do know them to cause negative effects and symptoms.

What do Grapes do to your dog?

Even small amounts of grapes and raisins fed to dogs are known to cause rapid kidney failure. Repeated vomiting and diarrhea is something that occurs shortly after consumption which then lead dogs into a lethargic and depressed state. Dogs will become dehydrated and neglect to eat because of a lack of appetite. These symptoms culminated together can potentially cause death from kidney failure in three to four days.

Unless you’ve had your dog boarding in a vineyard, you probably just need to avoid buying and leaving grapes around the house.

onions, garlic toxic to dogs

5.Onions and Garlic

Onions are great as seasoning when we cook, but be assured that they will do more than just make your dog shed tears. Similarly to garlic, these can be potentially life-threatening even though your dogs aren’t vampires.

What’s in Onions and Garlic that’s bad for dogs?

These contain disulfides and sulfoxides that can be harmful to dogs. Garlic in particular is more potent than onion and can be more dangerous to dogs than onions per ounce. Both contain these compounds that are very toxic to dogs.

What do Onions and Garlic do to your dog?

These foods cause damage to red blood cells in your dogs but the symptoms aren’t always immediately visible. Instead, these are slow acting poisons that might affect your dog’s urine color and make them tired and reluctant to move after a couple of days. In severe cases, having a blood transfusion is the way to go to alleviate your dog’s ailment. If you can however, it would be best to avoid the food altogether.

avocado that is toxic to dogs


Avocado toast might be all the rage right now, but that bit of guacamole that ends up in your dog’s tummy could turn its world upside down.

What’s in Avocados that’s bad for dogs?

Almost all parts of the avocado contains a toxin called persin that can have a toxic effect on dogs. This toxin is in the leaves, seed, bark, as well as in the fruit.

What do Avocados do to your dog?

Avocados can upset a dog’s stomach, cause difficulties in breathing and fluid build-up in the chest. The avocado’s pit is considered to be the most dangerous as dogs tend to swallow it due to its slippery nature. This can lead to obstruction in their gastrointestinal tract.

apple cores that are toxic to dogs

7.Apple Cores

It’s okay to feed most dogs the apple fruit. However, you need to be careful to avoid feeding them the core of the apple.

What’s in Apple cores that are bad for dogs?

Besides apples, other similar fruits like plums, peaches, pears and apricots contain cyanogenic glycosides (also known as cyanide) that can be toxic to dogs.

What do Apple Cores do to your dog?

Some symptoms that arise from consuming cyanide are respiratory difficulties, dizziness, seizures, hyperventilation, shock and possibly even a coma. Since we humans already avoid eating Apple Cores, just make sure you don’t leave any lying around for your pooch to get their paws on.

bacon that is toxic to dogs


No this is not a drill. It’s fine to feed your dog meats like chicken and pork generally, but it’s not okay to feed them bacon. In fact, it’s very detrimental to its health.

What’s in Bacon that’s bad for dogs?

Bacon is excessively rich in fat. For dogs, this can leave them to eventually develop pancreatitis. Once dogs develop this disease, their pancreas’ gets inflamed and tends to cease regular function.

What does Bacon do to your dog?

With the onset of eventual pancreatitis, you can expect your dog to develop further problems with digestion and nutrient absorption, all because of that guilty treat you slipped to it under the table during dinner.

coffee that is toxic to dogs


Trying to take the edge off your long day and perk yourself up for the remainder? A sip of coffee usually does the trick, just don’t try to share any with your dog.

What’s in Coffee that’s bad for dogs?

Coffee is a source of caffeine, which in a large enough quantity (at concentrations of 150 milligrams per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of weight)  can be fatal to your dog. Worse, there is no cure or fix, the best your vet can do is induce vomiting. Caffeine is naturally occurring in tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate and stimulant drinks.

What does Coffee do to your dog?

Dogs that consume caffeine may have an increased heart rate and become overly hyperactive. It also raises their blood pressure and can be dangerous. Dogs with too much caffeine can run a fever and become weak. In some cases, they even die.

mushrooms that are toxic to dogs

10. Wild Mushrooms

When taking your dog for a walk, try to keep an eye on it when you move past any wild mushrooms. These things can kill almost instantly if you’re not careful.

What’s in Wild Mushrooms that’s bad for dogs?

There are numerous kinds of wild mushrooms so it’s hard to generalize on what kinds of toxins are in each. Many mushrooms can contain more than a single poisonous substance and the toxicity can depend on how healthy your dog is currently. It’s safe to say that the poisonous wild mushrooms outnumber the non-toxic ones.

What do Wild Mushrooms do to your dog?

Depending on which mushroom your dog consumes, it can experience excessive drooling, liver damage, kidney damage, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, coma and possibly even death. It’s safe to say that since we don’t go around trying to eat every mushroom we see in the field, you should try to ensure your precious pet does the same.


As a dog owner, it’s difficult enough to take your pets for health checks, dog walks and finding dog sitters when you go on holiday. To make life easier, just refer to this list when in doubt of whether you can feed your dog your favourite snack.