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When you are not around, be it for travel, work, an emergency or other reasons, it becomes inconvenient to take your pet with you. Instead of rushing to find a friend or family member who can care for your pet, you can now find an experienced and capable pet sitter who will take care of your pet.

With a simple search on Furwy, you can find a host who will board your pet, a dog walker, or a pet sitter who will come over to take care of your pet at your home. Simply enter your city, street and postal code to find a trusted pet sitter in your neighbourhood. In a couple of clicks, you can seek out the best host family, dog walker or pet sitter that will suit your pet.

Best of all, you get to earn Furwy points to redeem free walks and more!

Refer below for the few simple steps to complete a booking today!

Step 1. Find a Pet Sitter

You’ve got options. Find the most promising pet sitters and check their availability directly on their profile pages. Beyond making sure your pet is well fed and exercised, some pet sitters offer additional services such as grooming or training. How great is that?

Step 2. Contact the Pet Sitter

You’ve read through the pet sitter’s profile and everything looks great. Now reach out by clicking “Contact Sitter” button. Ask the pet sitter questions and explain the unique needs of your “Furwy” pal as needed. To ensure a good fit, organize a Meet & Greet so that your pet can meet the prospective sitter.

Step 3. Reserve and Book Online

So, you’ve found the perfect pet sitter? The next step is to confirm your booking online. Choose the service you want, the length of stay and include any special instructions about caring for your pet. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal using our third party secure platform.

Step 4. Confirmation

Next, your prospective pet sitter has 48 hours to confirm your request, although likely to be much quicker. Once confirmed, we will notify you via e-mail confirmation as well. You and your pet are now good to go! And please note that we will only deduct payment after the first day of the service.

Step 5. Your Pet Goes to the Sitter

Your pet is now in good hands. And the sitter can share photos, video and updates wherever you are and directly to your phone, so that you can be certain of your pet’s enjoyable stay. Of course, the two-way dialogue between you and your pet sitter is always open.

Step 6. Leave Feedback

Feedback matters, especially as a reward for your pet sitter. At the end of the stay, make sure to leave a rating so that the community can identify the best host families and pet sitters for future stays. Together, let’s build a vibrant and trustworthy pet sitting community.