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What is dog walking?

Dog walking is to have a reliable dog walker pick up your dog and walk him / her while you are away, ensuring that your precious pet gets the exercise he / she needs.

Why dog walking?

If you, like most people, work every weekday, you probably have to leave your dogs at home from morning till evening. Once you’re home, you’re either too tired or lack the time to bring your dogs out for a stroll. It’s not uncommon, and in the end, some dogs may get lonely and feel neglected, especially if they do not have any companions.

Dog walking is one way to help your dog maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle while you are busy at work. With Furwy, you no longer have to worry about whether your dog gets enough exercise, nor drag yourself out of the house after an exhausting day for a walk.

In just a few clicks, you can find an experienced dog walker who will look after your dog’s workout and keep him / her company, providing the interaction he / she needs. Your dog may also get the chance to socialise with other pets during exercise!

How do you find a good dog walker?

Communicate Clearly

Every dog walker has their own specific arrangements and schedules. To find the dog walker that suits your needs most, it is important to communicate your expectations and preferred arrangements clearly from the beginning.
Before confirming the booking, be sure to align with the dog walker on:
Walking schedule
Special needs to be considered (if your dog has any)
Be sure to leave the dog walker with a contact number and the details of your dog’s veterinarian in case of an emergency.

Read the Reviews

One way to determine if a dog walker is good or not, is to look at the reviews he / she has. Reading through the recommendations and perspectives of other dog owners can help you ascertain if the dog walker’s preferences, schedules and behaviour are a match for you.
Alternatively, you can drop a message to the dog walker, and ask if he / she has any referrals that they can provide to you.

Test It Out

If it’s your first time leaving your dog in the care of someone else, it can be hard to put your trust in them.
Instead of worrying, why not give it a trial run to ease your fears? Schedule a shorter session of dog walking, or arrange a meeting with the dog walker to see if he / she is able to get along with your dog. From there, you’ll be able to tell if he / she is the right dog walker for you.

Why hire a dog walker through Furwy?

  • Regular walks are important for your dog’s health
  • Trusted and experienced dog walkers
  • Catered to your dog’s needs
  • Earn Furwy points each time you hire a dog walker to redeem free walks and more

Our Guarantee:

At Furwy, we’re here to ensure that your cat is left in the hands of trusted and experienced cat sitters. Your cat will not only be cared for, but also protected through our premium pet insurance. This way, in the event under any unforeseen circumstances, your cat will be covered.

Find your dog walker

Search for dog walking under ‘service’ and browse the profiles of available dog walkers

Get connected to your dog walker

Send a message to your preferred dog walker, and arrange a meet up

Confirm your dog walking booking

Confirm the booking, make payment and your walker will arrange with you to pick up your dog! You’re good to go!