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What is dog grooming?

Dog grooming is to have a groomer give your dog a little trim, either at your home or the groomer’s shop.

Why use dog grooming service?

Like us, dogs need to be trimmed and groomed too, but it can be time consuming. Instead of struggling to personally groom your dog, why not let an experienced groomer handle it? You can either choose to bring your dog to the groomer, or let the dog groomer do it at your house.

Finding a dog groomer is easy, but knowing the right groomer to visit is hard. An inexperienced groomer may hurt your dog, and a harsh groomer could potentially scare him / her. Hence, it is important to find the right dog groomer that will suit your dog’s needs.

Tips to Find the Perfect Dog Groomer

Consider the Location

When you’re choosing your dog groomer, it is good to keep the location in mind as well. A dog groomer nearby makes it convenient for you to visit whenever your dog needs grooming and pick him / her up right after.
Alternatively, you can arrange for the dog groomer to visit your house instead. Not only can you keep an eye on your dog, but you can also complete your household chores at the same time!

Ask Questions

When you contact the dog groomer, ask him / her questions to help you understand if he / she is the right choice for your dog. You can ask questions such as:
How long has he / she been grooming dogs?
Does he / she have experience with handling dogs with special needs?
What are his / her schedules for dog grooming?
What are his / her policies when it comes to safety and precautions?

Visit the Groomer's Shop

Still unsure if the dog groomer’s the right one for your dog?
Take your dog with you to the salon before the appointment. This will allow you to see how the groomer interacts with other dogs, and you can ask other dog owners about their experiences.
When checking out the salon, ensure that your dog is comfortable with the place, and you feel assured leaving him / her there. You can also meet the groomer, to see if he / she is able to handle your dog appropriately.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire a dog groomer through Furwy:

  • Trusted and experienced dog groomers
  • Dedicated attention to your dog
  • Have the flexibility of bringing your dog to the groomer’s place, or having the groomer visit your home
  • Earn Furwy points each time to redeem free groomings and more

Our Guarantee:

At Furwy, we’re here to ensure that your cat is left in the hands of trusted and experienced cat sitters. Your cat will not only be cared for, but also protected through our premium pet insurance. This way, in the event under any unforeseen circumstances, your cat will be covered.

Find your dog groomer

Search for dog grooming under ‘service’ and browse the profiles of available dog groomers

Get connected to your dog groomer

Send a message to your preferred dog groomer, and arrange an appointment

Confirm your dog grooming booking

Confirm the booking, make payment and your dog groomer will arrange an appointment with you! You’re good to go!